Mary N. Hurwitz Assemblage Artist

I am an assemblage artist
I collect stuff.
I play.
I experiment.
I like to recycle and reassemble items that are a part of my day-to-day life, most of which are often destined for the trash.
Objects and materials have their own individual identities that are instantly recognizable. Yet, depending on how they are presented, recombined or manipulated, their meaning can change dramatically resulting in something new and surprising.
As an artist I am free to use whatever media touches a nerve within, therefore my artwork isn’t limited to just one category of art. My art can take the form of a 3D construction, collage, conceptual art, garments, accessories, photography or installation.
Some of the themes that resonate with me the most include women’s roles and domesticity, contemporary, political and social events, war and terrorism, Nature and personal self-exploration.